Facts and Figures

1976 : initial creation of "Materiel de Sablière Sarl" by Jean-Paul Guillaume : turning optimizing the natural resources from mineral industries to profit (Veyre-Monton - 63).

1980 : "Matériel de Sablière" expands and moves to Aubière (63).

1988 : further expansion and creation of a manufacturing and assembly workshop.

1990 : first move into export in Europe (Spain, Belgium, Italy). Creation in France of underground works activity.

1992 : "Matériel de Sablière" becomes "MS SA".

1993 : First export contract in Cairo (underground works. Cécile Boursin joins the team as a project engineer).

1994 : Beginning of important move into export market in South Korea (mineral industries).

1996 : New assembly workshop 2,200 m2. Turnkey contract for the Sydney subway. Alexandre Guillaume joins the team (laboratory & test center).

2000 : Formalization of the 3 professional domains, with the addition of by adding the "environmental" field of activity. Treatment of the polluted materials from Erika oil spill.

2002 : Contract for the world's largest STP for the boring of Moscow motorway tunnel.

2005 : Cécile Boursin and Alexandre Guillaume succeed the visionary founder of MS. MS, an independent family business becomes an "SAS" ("Société par actions simplifiée" similar to a "simplified limited liability company") with a capital of 1, 248 M€, controlled by the family holding Geode, with a capital of 4 M€.

2008 : First European branch : MS UK Ltd in England.

2010 : Construction of new premises with 1,800 m2 of office space and 5,000 m2 of manufacturing space, on the historical site of Veyre-Monton.

2011 : Winner of the regional and national prize « Entrepreneur of the year – Green Business Category » awarded by ERNST&YOUNG. The former assembly workshop in Aubière becomes a revamping centre for used STP components.

2014 : Winner of the prize for international development at the trophies of « Chênes du Centre-Est », organized by Société Générale.

2015 : Winner of The Environment Awards at the Intermat Innovation Awards 2015

2017 : Winner of The Audience Award at the Trophées des Entreprise, La Montagne.

2017 : Winner of SOLSCOPE 2017 Innovation Trophy

2017 : ISO 9001: 2015 certification obtained


Growth of the number of employees   
Distribution of turnover in France and Abroad in 2017