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Mineral Industries

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    Complete treatment plant - MS
  • Sand washing

    Sand washing - MS
  • Treatment and recovery of sand

    Treatment and recovery of sand - MS
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  • Water treatment plant

    Water treatment plant - MS
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  • 40 years experience
  • 1,000 installations brought into services in more than 53 countries
  • 500,000 tons of materials recovered every day

MS provides tailor-made solutions for treating and recovering natural, crushed, or recycled sands for mineral industries: sands for concrete, sands for plastering, industrial sands for ceramics and glass-making, special sands…

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With the rarefaction of alluvial sand deposits and ever more ambitious constructions ever more effective materials have to be provided (cleanliness, particle-size regularity) from resources of inferior raw quality (after crushing, recovery of construction rubble).

For this purpose we have developed and patented tools for hydraulic separation and automated recomposition.

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Commitment to performances

MS contractually guarantees the quantity produced and the quality of the aggregate in terms of cleanliness, residual damp, and particle-size regularity while ensuring an adequate industrial water circuit and the provision of new water under perfect control.

1 million m3 water saved every day

The washing of aggregates and minerals is indispensable, but requires considerable amounts of water. With his wide range of tools, individually adapted to diverse working conditions, MS offers solutions enabling up to 98% recycling of process water while maintaining full mastery of solids wastes, easily transportable, recyclable (sealing of pits, manufacture of tiles, kaolin…)

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An expert at your side

Throughout the project, from prior technical and commercial involvement to the project engineer, MS delegates a competent representative to communicate with the client. He will be present to hear your enquiries, assure the progress of the project, and he will be the pivot for the coordination of all relevant associates and collaborators involved (design draftsmen, erection supervision, and start-up technicians, after-sale services, etc). Morever, MS can supply a regular and preventive diagnosis of your installation for optimum operation (services contract).