Download in PDF our corporate brochures below:  

Corporate Brochure  plaquette-institutionnelle-anglais.pdf

Solutions for the Mineral Industries  plaquette-im-anglais.pdf

Solutions for Underground Works  plaquette-ts-anglais.pdf

Solutions for the Environment  plaquette-ei-anglais.pdf


Download in PDF our commercial brochures below:  

Sand treatment plant  sand-units.pdf 

Water treatment plant  water-treatment-plant.pdf

Filter-press  fiter-press.pdf

Grainsize Correction Unit  grainsize-correction-unit.pdf

Hydraulique separation equipments  hydraulic-separation-equipment.pdf

Separation by Cyclones  separation-cyclones.pdf

Worksite water treatment plant  work-site-wtp.pdf

Attrition cell scrubber  attrition-cell.pdf

Water treatment unit for the elimination of Chromium VI and Total Chromium in waste water  plaquette-chromium6free-02_11_151.pdf

Revamping  revamping.pdf

Services Contract  contrat-services-anglais.pdf

Spare parts  spare-parts.pdf



Find out our know-how, our solutions through these videos: 

MS: Solutions and commitments.


Solutions for underground works.



Mobile water treatment plant




Treatment  & Recovery of sands.



Recycling water.




Dewatering of slurry.